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To ROAM is to embrace whatever comes next. It’s a purposefully unstructured state of mind. It’s access and freedom of movement, rolled into one. These are the moments when we discover new wonders, new opportunities, new adventures – both within ourselves and in the world around us.
Life is at it’s best when we have a base to venture from and return to. A place where the variables are controlled and the confines are restorative. Through it all, it’s a welcome feeling of detachment, where our sense of purpose finds itself in the present. In the moment. Where enjoyment comes easy and time slips free from its rigid ticks.


Each home is optimized room by room, from the dry sauna to the temperature controlled bed, you will enjoy the unique experience of staying in a roam home.



Designed to maximize your enjoyment and geared for adventure, each home has five star resort like amenities and several unique benefits. 



Browse our current list of available properties and contact us for more information. 

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